We live in a world with many challenges, and it is easy to live blaming others, and/or getting stuck in our personal/cultural beliefs.

Love is the answer. Let’s find ways to move beyond conflict, learn to love and accept each other including ourselves. I spent many years of my life studying unified field theory and it has always been right in front of me. We are one!


For me, it has been another year with hardships and blessings which has encouraged and supported my continued growth and development. I’ve explored and learned additional way of supporting that growth and development and yet I am clear that one of the best things I can do for others is to continue to teach Brain Gym® including advanced and graduate classes to support our physical, neurological, emotional, mental and spiritual development, coherence and integration. One of my favorite quotes comes from the Graduate Brain Gym/Educational Kinesiology course Creative Vision: “Creative Vision is about unveiling the hidden perceptual gifts blocked by the survival mechanism.”


As with all Brain Gym courses, our perspective is not focusing on the survival mechanisms, (which we all have), but on developing ourselves so that we are no longer controlled by them.


I consider foundation essentials to be tools that support integration, including the development of greater body awareness and developing a greater ever-present relationship with Holy Spirit or whatever you choose to call the divine.


I still consider Brain Gym to be one of the simplest and most portable forms of developing greater body awareness and integration. The Advanced Edu-K In-Depth continues to be my favorite course of all time, which is shared with many who have taken it. I set a goal in one class to make the Edu-K In-depth class a household word.  It gives the best big picture of nonlinear learning I have ever seen whether you take it to become a practitioner or as part of your personal growth program.


The entire Brain Gym program supports us in building a foundation of safety so we can experience events in life in the present moment rather than seeing things through our habitual ways of thinking and being. Full development and whole brain integration increasingly become necessary skills for us to create and maintain this foundation of safety so we can make out best choices and maintain peace and contentment no matter what is going on around us. Join us as you learn skills to increase your learning abilities, body awareness, decision making and for your own personal evolution as well as skills to share with others. 


Brain Gym® 101

Experience whole brain integration through whole body movement. Develop physical skills that support all new learning.

Learn 26 Brain Gym exercises, the Edu-K Balance process, and 2 Repatternings. Discover a tool for reaching personal goals.

An educational model that provides applications for students, teachers, parents, artists, athletes, health care practitioners, and business professionals.

March 10 – 12, 2023             Staunton, Virginia           No prerequisites / Entry Level



Touch For Health® Kinesiology I  

April 15 - 16, 2023             Staunton, Virginia           No prerequisites / Entry Level



Edu-Kinesthetics In-Depth 301,

Seven Dimensions of Body Movement, Learning & Intelligence

Hands-on experience with seven dimensions, focusing on how each can support or block the learning process.

Students learn to permanently integrate the principles of whole brain learning into their own processes.

A powerful 4 day transformational process to integrate Brain Gym principles, so you can apply them with greater ease. 

June 15-18, 2023         Staunton, Virginia                   Brain Gym Required                



I hope to schedule one or more graduate classes in the fall.

Movement Re-education 350      

Creative Vision 360                               

Master At Work


Personal Development and Transformation Group

Utilizing Brain Gym® Balancing, Meditation +

This experiential zoom learning group will meet the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm, starting January 11, 2023. 

I started this group in 2019 particularly because I wanted to find a way of teaching A Course in Miracles Principles in an experiential body-based learning format. Reading and studying it is far too academic for me now. Divine Grace, Brain Gym®, and A Course in Miracles have been instrumental in keeping me alive and supporting the development of skills to serve myself and then others. 

I love the metaphorical way that Advanced Brain Gym brings the emotions/consciousness of the 12 principal acupuncture channels into the class. The first two years I took the metaphors and affirmations of one of the channels as the theme of each month’s sessions. The last two years have been less structured, but always geared to building trust, making healthy choices, and living in greater love and joy including a group balance and meditation.

This year 2023 – the overall framework will be on the spiritual, physical, emotional aspects of the Chakra System (7 primary and likely 5 others that serve to integrate all aspects of mind, body and spirit.)

For example, January the focus will be on the root chakra and we will explore means of developing greater stability, peace and balance. This process should support the adrenals, our sense of belonging, self-mastery and grounding amongst others. In all sessions we will nurture and support our ability to live more fully from the guidance of the divine as well as our body wisdom. 

Teaching the chakras as part of this process has been challenging as I have had several conversations from those who have concerns that studying the chakras will attempt to change their religious beliefs or encourage them to worship what they consider to be false Gods. I have spent a long time thinking and meditating on this and have thought about the best language to convey my perspective.

I’ve studied many different energy healing systems, that often describe us as energy beings living in a physical form. Part of the concern has been that these energy systems were often discovered in cultures with different religious orientation. True of almost everything with an ancient history. The best energy medicine teachers I know who include the spiritual aspects of these techniques often simply refer to the divine allowing each of us to maintain a commitment to our religious/spiritual orientations. I am clear that my study of yoga and the chakras has deepened and enhanced my relationship with the Holy Spirit.  The teachers I study with understand the energetic universe extends from our physical bodies, through our mental and emotional bodies and into our spiritual bodies. A positive outcome of all spiritual and energetic development is the ability to receive guidance from the divine and to grow in our ability to love one another. Greater love and acceptance and a personal relationship with the divine are more necessary than ever for the survival of the earth and life on it. 


While these energies may not be visible to the physical eye, we all know that the energy of love affects us in more positive ways than the energies of hate, judgment, etc. This energy world is every bit as much a part of our anatomy as our hearts, brain, liver etc. even if not as visible. Science has made great inroads into monitoring these fields and shows the beneficial aspects of developing and balancing them.  Developing and maintaining a coherent and balanced energy body is an important aspect of our development as well as health and wellbeing.


There will always be a movement-based portion of the session as I want to support us in building more neurological/energetic connections to live and thrive from more loving states. 

An overall title for the year is “Transforming suffering into trust, love and joy!” We continue to build foundations of safety that allow us to experience greater novelty so we can entertain and experience possibilities that used to seem impossible.

Don brings 40 years of personal development experience including certifications in Acupuncture, Bodywork, Touch for Health®, Brain Gym®, B.E.S.T. and whole foods nutrition along with many years of personal and spiritual development to support each person in creating the safety, confidence and skills to achieve their goals. 

He has studied and taught A Course in Miracles since 1976. He has taught Brain Gym® for 30+ years. Brain Gym and the Advanced Educational Kinesiology work has been instrumental in many personal transformations including deeper integration and embodiment of spiritual principles.   

Each week we will take a concept we would like as an intention and utilize Brain Gym as well as meditation + to support the integration of these intentions. 

I will open the class up this year to interested individuals who have sufficient background to enjoy participating. 

Please contact me if you would like to receive notifications of these classes.

540.886.9453   dewetsel@gmail.com 536 Calvert Street, Staunton

Group is done on a love offering basis.

I'll send a zoom link before the meeting