What Clients Are Saying!


Before starting the program, I was sluggish and unable to lose weight. 

After three weeks, cravings are much more manageable, no longer compulsively “grazing” on unhealthy foods.  Energy levels have improved.  I’ve been able to lose 5 pounds so far. Improved mood with less anxiety.  Very impressive supplements working with the body. 

Dana M


Since I began Nutrition Response Testing and especially once I eliminated almost all grains and reduced my sugar consumption, I have noticed that a slow but steady loss of weight is occurring, without any extra effort beyond eliminating grains.  My blood pressure seems to be going down. My problem with congestion and post nasal drip simply goes away when grains are eliminated. My complexion has improved and I think my overall pain level has gone down while at the same time my energy level has gone up and I can be much more physically active than I was 6 – 7 months ago. Cookies and cakes used to be things I couldn’t resist but now they just don’t appeal to me.  Overall, I just feel better!

Karen B


Before starting the program, I was hungry all the time.  I did not have much energy and I couldn’t walk very far.  Now I am not eating as much, I have lost 10 pounds, and I am walking further and my hip is no longer hurting. I am able to move more during the day. I no longer have macular degeneration. 

Margaret S


I am beginning to look at food in a different light. Rather than as a solution to problems, I see it as a means to becoming healthy as I get older. I am learning slowly to make wiser food choices and in doing so learning to hear and feel how my body reacts to what I ingest. I also like the one on one approach with someone whom I feel cares.  I do not feel fatigued or generally depressed anymore. 

Judith S


I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Susanna and Don Wetsel.  They are two of the best doctors I have ever been to.  I am 49 years old, and thought my life was over. My pain had reached a 10+ and no M.D. could help me.  I had seen at least 20 – 30 M.D.’s and all the pain clinics, and no one could help.  My body would not function anymore and I could not take the pain. I was making what I thought was my last round to see my friends and family and I overheard a friend talking about Susanna and Don, and how they could fix anything. I thank God everyday I came to see Susanna and Don. I have gone from being bedridden, to a 30 year old again. I have gone back to all of my old hobbies that consist of racing golf, bowling, cutting firewood, motorcycle riding, yard work, hunting and I take care of three sick people.  I owe my life to Susanna and Don. They are wonderful doctors and good people too. 

            Thank you very much!            Stacy B


Before I came to see Health TLC, I was not happy with my weight. I was fatigued at time. Now I feel stronger and have lost weight, my clothes fit much better. I seem to have more energy and my thinking is clearer most of the time. 

Donna S


Before I came to Health TLC, I had very low energy/motivation. Everyday tasks seemed huge. I wasn’t enjoying any of my hobbies or interests. I wasn’t giving my children the attention they deserved. I was overweight and had a poor body image.  Now I have lost 20 lbs. My eating habits have improved greatly: Lots more fresh whole foods.  I’m more motivated to get things done throughout the day. I’ve been enjoying my hobbies again and I have the energy to work on them long into the night. My husband and children are happy with the changes and I am thrilled! Thanks!

Ellen M


Before starting the program I had a severe lack of energy, felt sleepy in the middle of the day. My muscles seemed to be overly tight and prone to pulls (I am a stone mason). I didn’t feel or look in good shape and I wasn’t eating well (McDonald’s dollar menu). 

Definitely feeling more energetic and eating better (no more dollar menu). Finding I need less sugar in my coffee and tea.  Has changed my taste so that I actually enjoy eating vegetables.  I feel and look better.  I have lost 5 – 7 pounds.  My wife says I look better.  I have not experienced any muscle pulls, still doing stonework.  Generally feel better and have more energy.

Ed M


“I was extremely worn out and stressed out.  Much more energy.  I feel like living.”

Faith B


“I was very involved with chocolate and other sweets and trying to cut back.  I had put on weight since retirement and definitely needed help.  Since working with Susanna Wetsel, I am feeling better physically and emotionally about myself. 

Her guidance and positive approach has helped so much and I’m looking better and am more energetic and looking forward to being better and better.”

Barbara W


“I was physically fatigued most of the time, and mentally sluggish.  I have a lot more energy and mental activity.  My outlook on life has improved and I feel more confident and enthusiastic.  My skin quality seems to have improved as well as sleep.”

Linda R


"Before coming to Health TLC, my primary issues were an inability to lose weight, extreme fatigue, and a myriad of digestive problems.  I had even experienced frightening heart palpitations.  As dramatic as it sounds, at 26 years old, I honestly felt like I was dying, and I knew something had to change. On the recommendation of a friend, I came to see Don. After just two short months of Nutrition Response Testing, my energy has at least doubled, I've started losing weight, and my digestion has greatly improved. In addition to all this, I have not experienced symptoms of PMS since beginning the program! I am so happy to say that my health and well-being are leaps and bounds ahead of where I started, and I'm looking forward to things getting even better! "

Kara C


 “Originally I was having fairly significant issues with acne and dermatitis on my face.  Within 4 weeks of following the nutritional advice/supplements I saw significant improvements with these issues.  I would also like to mention the impressive results I experienced in relation to a viral/bacterial infection.  I was very ill with cough, congestion, headache, and fever for approximately 8 days.  I came to see Susanna and within hours of my first dosage of supplements I felt improvement.  In four days I was 90% better without having to take antibiotics which my traditional practitioner prescribed.”

Jessica C


“For over a year a recurring bacterial infection spread through a reconstructive surgical implant in my cheekbone … and then the condition became permanent.  One physician injected needles to withdraw a lab culture, left an open wound, and sent me away with an antibiotic.  Severe inflammation, pain, and wound seepage worsened.  Five months and several MDs later let me to yet another specialist who offered surgery that would leave one side of my face sunken and scarred.  A catch 22.  By now every negative emotion took up residence.  After only one month into the Health TLC Clinical Nutrition Program all signs of infection, inflammation, pain, and seepage are completely gone.  Nutritional Response Testing and whole food supplements show improved energetic levels.  These happy results have also banished the negative impact of depression, fear, anger, and all the rest.  Even my eyesight is better.  Many thanks to Don Wetsel’s amazing knowledge, expertise, and persistence in bringing me back into balance.  He is truly a gifted and interactive professional care giver.”

Jean R


What a success our time with you has been, but it always has been that way.  Dan and I come away ready to face the world again.  Dan is somewhere in Dubai and I am back to work. Waaaaa!
I have never had anyone work on my body quite the way Susanne has and wow, it is amazing..........I feel like I have a brand new bone structure, seriously it is aamazing.  And the Intestinal cleanse.........the best out there for sure.
Thank you from both of us, I want you to know just how very grateful and blessed we are to have you both in our lives.  February is most likely our next visit and Dan wants to meet my kids..how about that!!!!!  So possibly they will be with me in Virginia next time and then you can meet them and they will benefit from Brain Gym® again.

Take good care           Ruth (Calgary) and Dan (Afghanistan/Dubai)