We’re Excited!  It’s time to celebrate!


After many months of intense training and lots of traveling, Dr. Susanna Wetsel, DC and Don Wetsel, LAc have completed their Master Practitioner Certification in Advanced Nutrition Response TestingSM!  This means that Don and Susanna are currently one of about 300 health practitioners in the United States who have attained an Advanced Clinical Training Graduate status in the field of Nutrition Response Testing. 


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“How does that affect me?” you may ask.  Well, continue reading to get the answer.


Over the past years, Susanna and Don have used Nutrition Response Testing to successfully help many of his patients to overcome the complaints of fatigue, weight problems, irritable bowels, acid reflux, high cholesterol/blood pressure, PMS, menopause symptoms and other health related conditions. 

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Needless to say, we are very excited about how Nutrition Response Testing has changed our practice into a complete “Wellness Center”!  But wait, it gets even better!  With their advanced training and a higher level of expertise in the area of nutrition, Health TLC now has the ability to find previously hidden underlying causes of stubborn or resistive health situations.  This means they are able to routinely address even the most difficult cases: chronic allergies, “can’t lose weight”, aches and pains that simply won’t quit, just to name a few.


Please call for our Complete Health Analysis if you have not yet experienced the benefits of the Nutrition Response Testing and designed clinical nutrition. Also, if you have had some nutrition services here in the past and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen you, this would be a good re-evaluation for you! 


                                           The Complete Health Analysis includes the following:


*Nervous System Stress Test       

*Nutrition Response Analysis

*Written Report of Findings with Recommendations for a

Personalized Clinical Nutrition Program Administered Through our Office.



 Call and ask for our website special for this initial consultation. 


It’s our way of thanking our patients for helping us grow over the past year and allowing you to be as healthy as you can be!


So don’t delay and give us a call today!



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