For Sale

Fairfield Professional Center




3.9 Acres: Will subdivide: 2 pad sites available

Zoning B-1     Parcel ID: 39-29-A Rockbridge County


Blue Ridge Appraisal: Restricted Use Market Value Appraisal

$970,000 May 10, 2007

Tax Assessment:  $590,100:  $393,000 improvements + $197,000 land


Building has 5 suites

All >1100 sq foot +1000+ sq ft common areas



Contact:  Don Wetsel

540.886.9453 office

540.290.3905 cell


We purchased 4.078 acres, Rockbridge County Public Sewer took .138 acres plus a right of way. 

2 Suites on first 2 floors were designed to be mirror images. 

2N now has a kitchen, and the bath now has a shower in it.  Closet space was changed between 2 front rooms to create a walk in closet.  This is a template to convert other units to residential, if desired. 

2S Moved door to front office to hallway and added door to waiting room.  Also added “physician” sink in front of bathroom. 

3rd floor now has a full kitchen and 2 bathrooms. 

First FloorL

Second FloorL

Third FloorL